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Buy real youtube shares.



1. Real youtube shares - description of the service.

2. Real youtube shares - price line.

3. How to buy real youtube shares.

4. FAQ.


1. Real youtube shares  - description of the service.

Types of source:

- youtube shares from facebook

youtube shares from twitter

youtube shares from reddit

youtube shares from pinterest

youtube shares from linkedin

youtube shares from tumblr

youtube shares from blogger

youtube shares from stumbleupon


Minimum for order: 100 youtube shares.

Maximum for order: 50k youtube shares.

Start time: 1-24 hours.


Real quality, no bots method.

Safe method, help with seo and ranking.

Speed: 300 per day.

Stats will be updated in YT analytics after 48-72 hours.


2. Real youtube shares - price line.

100 real youtube shares - $1

500 real youtube shares - $5

1000 real youtube shares - $10

5000 real youtube shares - $50

10 000 real youtube shares - $100


3. How to buy real youtube shares.

1) Select quantity of youtube shares.

2) Enter youtube video link.

3) Click checkout.

4) Enter promo code.

5) Select payment method and purchase an order.


4. FAQ.

1) Can i buy real youtube shares cheap?

 Of course, you can use a promo code for this.