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Buy spotify monthly listeners with paypal.


1. Targeted spotify plays + monthly listeners - description of the service.

2. Spotify monthly listeners - price line.

3. How to buy spotify monthly listeners with paypal.

4. FAQ.


1. Targeted spotify plays + monthly listeners - description of the service.

Unique service - geo targeted spotify plays + monthly listeners.

Work with: track, artist, album and playlist links.

Speed: up to 50k plays per day.

Start time: 12-24 hours.

Mix of premium and base plays.

Plays going from aged accounts and have a good effect on the algorithm.

Royalty eligible.


2. Spotify monthly listeners - price line.

1000 spotify plays + monthly listeners - $8

5000 spotify plays + monthly listeners - $40

10 000 spotify plays + monthly listeners - $80


3. How to buy spotify monthly listeners with paypal.

1) Select quantity of spotify plays and monthly listeners.

2) Enter spotify link.

3) Click checkout.

4) Enter promo code.

5) Select payment method - paypal.

6) Purchase an order.


4. FAQ.

1) How to buy spotify monthly listeners cheap?

You can use a promo code.

Besides, we are always ready to discuss individual conditions.